Ugis Drawn in Trier

Welcome to my digital home!

My name is Ugis Vilcans (Uģis Vilcāns in Latvian) and I’m happy to have you here.

I would tag/label myself as: writer, artist, musician, creator, investor, entrepreneur, philosopher, thinker, inventor, spiritual, teacher, polymath, researcher, psychonaut, cybernaut.

I’m interested in: sound, audio, acoustics, technology, science, spirituality, philosophy, environmentalism, nature, books, music, podcasts, investing, sustainability, psychology, learning, systems, structures, management, learning, sharing, teaching, travel, photography, research, artificial intelligence, brain science.

I support & believe in:

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Global Citizenship
  • Environmentalism
  • Plant Medicine
  • Creativity
  • Self-Expression
  • Governance as business
  • Online and Self-Education
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mental Health

I run this website to:

  • Teach and share others the knowledge and skills that I’ve acquired over the years
  • Share curated information about topics that I’m interested in
  • Share my personal view on timeless topics and current events in the world
  • Research various topics that have captured my interest
  • Provide as much timeless and useful content as possible
  • Share a list of resources that I’ve found over the years
  • Promote share various creative ideas, concepts and products (mine and from others)
  • Meet new people, expand my network and find similar thinking people with whom to collaborate.

I listen carefully and want to be heard. 🙏🏻

Feel free to contact me:

Warm regards,