Several people and friends have noted that my music taste is far from the worst in the world. Here you can find several Spotify playlists that I’ve made and still maintain until today. For each of them I’ve added little description what to expect.

dark & deep house.

Selection of EDM/House tracks with moody beats. Mostly for listening alone. Safe for work.


Tracks that sound good when going hiking or travelling together with someone.


Tracks that have something to do with France. Either language, association or the mood.

gentleman’s chill.

If you want to sit down with someone, have a good chat, this one is for you. Also for ladies.


It does what it tells. But not for everyone.


This list is indeed very special. The tracks that have touched my deepest inner strings can be found here.


If you’re on a edge of a cliff watching sunset or having calm evening on your balcony/terrace in the evening, this is for you.

positive morning.

Songs to listen to when making breakfast, drinking coffee and preparing for a great day.


Reggae-like beats that trigger certain mood.


Curated playlist made specially for Underground Club in Jia Shan, China.

pa test.

List of tracks that I am using to test the performance of audio systems. Might be helpful for audio guys.